Product Peek: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive.


I’ll fill you in on a little secret.

My skin is rehdonkulously sensitive. Not just a capital “S”, you can add a capital to the entire word. Every single letter. Top that with a side of rosacea and you’ve got a double whammy of uh-oh. Luckily I’ve learned the tried and true methods to keep it under wraps.

So you can imagine that throwing a peel on my face is no easy task. You’ll rarely find me consciously looking for ways to flare up or enrage my skin. Normally I steer away from anything too aggressive and prefer some face TLC. With that said, I’m a peel newbie who’s constantly curious about this forbidden fruit of skincare. Always secretly hoping to find my soul mate peel.

(Enter Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Peel Sensitive)

MissDrepants_Blog_JuiceBeautyPeel02Why Juice Beauty? Five words. Highest percentage of certified organic ingredients. Okay, six. Thirty organic juices mixed with the likes of grapeseed, aloe, jojoba, shea, and aloe. (Swoon) Essentially it’s like having a juice party on your face. Who doesn’t want in on that? Abiding by Cali regulations (where it’s made) is no easy feat. So when it says organic, it means exactly that. Organic. No toxic pesticides, fertilizers or  muck you probably don’t want on your skin.

MissDrepants_Blog_JuiceBeautyPeel09 Why The Guilty Face? I confess. The product says it’s not for anyone with rosacea or extremely sensitive skin. While I don’t recommend going the no-holds-barred approach, I figured I would take one for the team. General rule of thumb? When in doubt, always patch test. Actually even when not in doubt. Especially if you have sensitive skin. A good spot to test? Dab a little bit just behind your ear. Keep an eye out for any funky reactions within the first 24 hours.

MissDrepants_Blog_JuiceBeautyPeel17Favorite way to use: Cleanse your face and pat dry. Apply a generous amount of product to your face. No need to get crazy. Just make sure you get it everywhere. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse.

MissDrepants_Blog_JuiceBeautyPeel05Regimen-dation: Best when used once or twice a week. I like using it at night. Follow with: Toner. Serum. Moisturizer.

Main Ingredients: Organic Pyrus Malus (organic apple juice). Citrus Medica Limonum (organic lemon juice). Aloe Barbadensis (organic aloe juice).

MissDrepants_Blog_JuiceBeautyPeel08What I Noticed: My skin pretty much soaked up both my toner and moisturizer after I used the peel. It’s as though the peel had kindly escorted all that dry skin away that wasn’t allowing my products to properly penetrate.

MissDrepants_Blog_JuiceBeautyPeel16Pros: Great for folks who aren’t comfortable with regular – intense peels. Pretty gentle. I experienced a slight warm tingling sensation but no redness at all. Slight redness is said to be normal. Always be your own judge on that. If gets downright painful or a rage tone of red, that’s probably a good sign that you should remove the product. Other pros? So incredibly organic! Love that.

Cons: Not really a con, just a word to the wise. Be aware of your sun exposure when using this product as it increases your skin’s sensitivities to sunlight.

Handy Tip: Never dip dirty hands in the tub without a good scrub down. Wouldn’t want any germs getting all up in there. Grab with a Q-tip or popsicle stick instead. Or just wash your hands. Ahem.

MUST or BUST? Scale of 1 – 10: A strong 8 on the MUST scale.

 What’s your favorite gentle peel? Share with us below!