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Brit + Co: 12 Ways to Prep Your Skin for Winter

How the heck is it nearly the end of the year again? Seriously, we never saw it coming. We’ve been so up to our knees with craft nights and mani-pedi parties that we’ve barely been able to keep up with our social calendar. And there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. So guess who doesn’t have time for dry skin? That’s right — us. You can bet your egg nog we’ve figured out 12 ways to bring in the winter season with perfectly glowing, moisturized skin. And keep it that way. Wanna know how to keep that skin…

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Brit + Co: 10 Tricks to Beat Puffy Eyes

So many holiday parties, so little time. Get those glitter gel pens and mistletoe stickers out. It’s time to fill up that holiday calendar. No gathering is too large or too small. If it comes with an invite, chances are we’ll be there. But we wouldn’t dare to show up looking like a hot mess. The puffy eye has never been a good look for anyone, and we’re not looking to start that trend now. Here are 10 tried and true ways make it through this holiday season looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Check out 10 Tricks to Beat…

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Product Peek: Nourish Organic Replenishing Argan Oil Balm

Argan Oil or BUST. Who's with me? I'm not sure who first introduced me to Argan Oil aka Liquid Gold, but it was straight up heart at first site. And it's been so ever since. Silky dense texture, nutty undertones, instant hydration. Yes please. Bet your knickers that on any given evening, yours truly can be found smearing it all over my face and neck. Wishing for a never-ending fountain à la Argan. Or simply an Argan tree. Why so obsessed with Argan? My official go-to for just about everything, Argan oil can be used on all your bits and pieces:…

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The Process

1. Consultation

Let's dive deep into your beauty + skin care goals via a series of Intuitive Lifestyle Assessments. You'll receive a customized Holistic Strategy including a combination of modern technology and ancient wisdom. The result? You'll transform into the best version of you. Organically.

2. Treatment Transformation

Your Treatment Transformation is where the magic happens. Whether we're exploring Skin Rejuvenation or natural beauty accents via Permanent Makeup - you'll start to unearth the inner beauty you've been yearning for. Is that a pep in your step? Why yes, yes it is.

3. Guidance

Your Treatment Transformation is not the end of our journey together. I'll personally be checking in with you to ensure that we're consistently unveiling your Holistic Strategy in a way that feels Intuitive and Sustainable. Watch this beautiful flower flourish? Don't mind if I do.

We would love to meet you!