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Product Peek: Amore Pacific Clarifying Masque

Ok. Let's talk clay masques. My first introduction to the wonderful world of clay was none other than Miss Queen Helene herself. Remember? Those bulging white tubes, green top, green writing. A bit of a battle to squeeze out. Almost like spreading spackle on your face. A bit of a commitment considering you could not talk or move your face for the next 15 minutes. I remember putting it on and feeling giddy and terrified. Clean pores and a face that felt tighter than a pair of Spanx. Onward to new discoveries. Amore Pacific Clarifying Masque. Swooooon. A masque with…

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SPF. Why It’s A Non-Negotiable

So here's the deal. As a your bestie esthie, I feel it's my duty to keep you all on your toes when it comes to certain, ahem, friendly reminders. I walk a fine line between a tsk tsk plus finger wag, and making sure you are all keeping that beautiful skin of yours properly protected. So let's chat a bit about the three little letters that have sent my clients into a whirlwind of denial and / or panic. Sometimes at the exact same time. SPF. That's right. Sun Protection Factor. You may be asking yourself why in the world…

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Brit + Co: 16 Ways to Make Your Own Beeswax Products

Remember when barking, “Mind your own beeswax!” at someone was a total schoolyard diss? Well nowadays whenever someone hits us with that, we gladly accept. Why? Because beeswax is only just about the coolest thing ever. Not only is it made by incredible little worker bees, but it’s also THE ingredient in just about every skincare formula one famous Burt can get his hands on (including our all time favorite lip balm). But why go to Burt for all your skincare needs when you can mind your own beeswax at home with these 16 DIY recipes. Check out the 16…

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The Process

1. Consultation

Come in for a Consultation so we can decide on the ideal shape + color for your procedure and go over any questions you might have. Wanna know what it's like? Check out our page Frequently Asked Questions.

2. Initial Session

Your Initial Session is where the magic happens. We'll assess your beauty goals and the best way we can help you achieve them. Our goal is to accentuate your natural beauty so you always feel like you're ready to go.

3. Perfecting Session

Our Perfecting Session is where we'll apply any finishing touches. We are committed to using pigments and techniques that help ensure the best procedure results possible. Now it's time to enjoy that permanent beauty!

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