Microcurrent Facials: Your Need-To-Knows About Anti-Aging

The Golden Belle Microcurrent Antiaging Facial

Microcurrent Facials: Which One Should You Choose?

We are officially in the midst of Microcurrent Madness! You ladies are all over our microcurrent facials, and with good reason. Not only is it a natural alternative to Botox (which we love!) but microcurrent treatments also help to tone & lift facial muscles which ultimately prevents and / or rewinds the signs of aging.

You’ve all been asking which microcurrent-packed facial you should choose? So here’s a quick guide of your need-to-knows when it comes to picking the facial that’s just right for you.

The Ms. Strongface is NO joke. You want the whole she-bang?
Then this is the facial for you. We’re talkin’ pamper to the MAX.

The Ms. Strongface Facial is great for folks who are committed to the full experience. Your one-stop-shop for all that it means to get a proper facial. Served with a serious dose of anti-aging on all those facial muscles that need a good workout.

Your treatment includes: Skin Analysis / Cleansing / Steaming / Exfoliation / Light Extractions* / Facial Acupressure / Microcurrent on Full Face & Neck / Masque / Product Application.

*Light extractions involve 5 minutes of gentle extractions on an as-needed basis.
** Want even MORE anti-aging but love yourself some microcurrent? The Timeless Grace is for you.

Don’t let the Ms. Strongface Mini fool you. Just ’cause she’s a little shorter, doesn’t mean she can’t pack a punch! Not much time but still want results? Yeah we’ve got you covered.

The Ms. Strongface Mini Facial is perfect for folks who don’t have much time but still wanna show their facial muscles who’s boss. Fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Your treatment includes: Skin Analysis / Cleansing / Light Steaming & Exfoliation / Microcurrent on Full Face & Neck / Masque / Product Application.

(The Ms. Strongface Mini is an excellent treatment just before any big event!)

You’re all about the benefits of microcurrent. But you really only need a smidge of bootcamp to whip that face into shape. We’ve got just the treatment.

The Microcurrent or BUST is a great way to nip those problem areas in the bud.
Crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, eyebrow elevens. (Not as cool as Oceans Eleven)
You see them. And you want them gone. Consider it done.

Your treatment includes: Ultrasonic Exfoliation / Microcurrent on Targeted Areas (Choose between Top Half Face, Bottom Half Face OR Neck) / Product Application.

Microcurrent or BUST is great for targeting one or two minor areas.
(ie. Crows Feet / Nasolabial Folds / Eyebrow Elevens)

Things To Remember

For the ultimate in pre-event preparation, we highly recommend you schedule your Ms.Strongface Mini Facial 24 hours before your big event.

While these treatments are AMAZING for big event preparation, they are also cumulative which means you’ll need several treatments to achieve the BEST anti-aging results. Amount of treatments needed depends on each client’s skin.

Our microcurrent treatments are an excellent way to achieve true anti-aging as you transition your skin off of products that are filled with chemicals. Whether you’re considering botox, or using anti-aging products that are filled with chemicals you can barely pronounce, microcurrent can help you achieve beauty in the most natural way.

Come in for a complimentary facial consultation and let us create a facial regimen that’s just right for you!

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