Fall Is Laser Hair Removal O’Clock.


This time of year has always felt like the ideal time for new beginnings in my humble opinion. Even more so than the new year. Maybe it’s the transition of seasons, watching the leaves bring about the winds of change (if you are fortunate enough to experience that), knowing that hibernating season is around the corner not only physically but energetically slowly gearing us up for the pep in our step we get during those spring and summer months. The precursor to a new you.

Regardless of the neural circuits involved, it’s an amazing time of year to start anew.

And for that reason precisely, I feel as though it’s my duty to share why it’s a great time to start any laser hair removal treatment plans. In fact, I may even write one of my granny style letters to the creator of national holidays and deem October “Get Rid of That Hair Month”. Who’s in charge of that anyway?

Whoa. You feel really strongly about this.

It’s true. I’m a little too into it. But I assure you, there’s a whole thought process behind it. And it goes a little something like this…

It’s just the right amount of time to get hair free for next summer. Being a planner is not one of my strongest points. I can usually be found last minute shopping for just about every holiday. With that said, if your goal is to be hair free during those prime summer months, you need to start in advance. Most areas being treated need between 6 – 8 sessions to give you the best results, each treatment ideally scheduled every 4 – 6 weeks. I’m no mathematician but starting in October puts us right around swimsuit o’clock.

You’ve come to terms with saying goodbye to beach days for a while. I know, it ain’t easy. But it’s necessary. At least if you want to get the most out of your investment. In some cases it’s okay to have a laser treatment during the summer but it all depends on various factors like: what skin type you have, how much sun exposure you’ve had and when you were last out sun-bathing. Regardless of all of those factors, chances are your technician will need to alter the treatment in order to protect your skin. What’s that mean to you? Patience. If you can wait about 4 weeks after your last beach day to start treatment, we can do what we’ve got to do to make sure you are super happy with your results.

There’s no pressure to bathe in spray tans. Let’s face it, Spring and Summer usually equals some pretty intense pressure to have that sun-kissed look. But even if you’re being safe and not shakin’ and bakin’ in the sun, the pigment in your spray tan is a huge no-no when it comes to any laser treatment. A laser machine doesn’t know the difference between what kind of pigment changes someone has had, all it knows is that it sees it. And if there’s one thing laser machines like it’s pigment. As with tanning, any changes in skin tone means your technician will need to reassess safe settings for you. Either way you must give it at least 72 hours before you hop into your next laser session.

So there you have it folks. Yet another reason to heart fall.

My suggestion? Go ahead and check yourself for those furry nooks and get to planning those laser sessions. I guarantee you will thank me for it by the time next summer rolls around!

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