The Golden Belle’s Holiday Guide: 2015 Edition.

It’s holiday season folks which is why we’re super excited to introduce our very first holiday guide for the 2015 season! For those of you who are still on a scavenger hunt for the gift of all gifts, it’s time to put those thinkin’ caps on. While we like to keep things simple during the holiday season, we think it’s so lovely to find that something special that (fill in the blank with your favorite person) will love. Here’s our take on some awesome local doo-dads you should check out:


For The Lady In Your Life:

  1. The Golden Belle Facial. She works hard and she plays hard. Why not help her relax hard? The Golden Belle facial is the ultimate way to holistically hydrate, soothe and chillax any lady on the run. A proper lady would never say no to a gift. Which means you’ll be generously enforcing wellness. Pretty stealthy, huh?

  2. Terrariums. Who doesn’t want a little more green in their lives? We know we do. Matter of fact, we’re pretty convinced terrariums are instant smile generators. And Sprout knows how to do em right. Maybe you’ll even find a bundle o’green joy all your own!

  3. Laser Hair Removal: Underarm. How can such a little area take up so much time?!? Ask any lady and if they would like to go without shaving their underarms, and they will most likely throw their arms up and scream YESSSSSSSSS. And there you have it. We can’t think of anything else that would make them that excited.

  4. Fatty Sundays Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Did we mention chocolate always makes it better? Luckily these gals out in Brooklyn have made it their business to make just about the best sweet treat known to man. The only tough part is deciding on the flavor. PB+J. Birthday Cake. Toffee. Pecan Pumpkin. Or just make your own. No brainer.

  5. Satya Jewelry. So just for the record, we heart EVERYTHING these guys make. Jewelry that reminds us to breathe, be courageous and know that we are protected? Yes please! Have we mentioned we can’t stop swooning over the Satya Foundation. You missus will be sure to swoon as well. Beautiful things plus a charitable heart? Well done.



For The Gentleman In Your Life:

  1. Laser Hair Removal: Neck or Beard Line. Every guy likes to feel like a gentleman. We get that. But those repeated visits to the barber shop every week just to get his neck or beard line shaped and shaved can feel like a chore. Give him a neck line he’ll barely have to maintain. Laser hair removal on either the back or front of the neck will save him hours of barbering. Which means more time for you.

  2. Create Money Clip. Word on the street’s that money clips are making a comeback. Good thing Brooklyn Industries took that ball and ran with it. Live. Create. Work. Choose the daily reminder that’s most fitting for your guy and he’ll be clipping his bills in style.

  3. Laser Hair Removal: Back. It’s uncomfortable. Not only when he has to ask you to shave his back, but also during those itchy weeks when it’s growing back in. How about we do away with that? Send him in a furry beast and we’ll send him back (pun intended) with skin that’s smooth as a baby’s bottom. Sans the bathtub cleanup time. Sweeet.

  4. Beard & Hair Treatment. He’s a lumberjack. He knows it. You know it. Now how can he tame that beautifully lion-esque beard? Don’t let that face hair get all bananas. It’s not a good look for anyone. It’ll tame just about any mane. Promise.

  5. Srichacha Subscription Box. Srichacha or BUST. Your dude’s got the king sized bottle, the t-shirt, the travel sized keyring. And you ask yourself “Could there be any more Srichacha in his life?” The answer is yes. With a capital S. Subscription box is the name of this game. You’ll get ultra brownie points for the discovery.

Best of luck on your search! If you find some cool local stuff, let us know!