The Big Skin Care Secret? Water.


Well, one of. But most definitely the most important.

If you have at any point been a client of mine, you know there are a few things I am a bit of a skincare bully about. Anyone care to guess what the number one slot is? Anyone?

I’ll give you a hint, it’s the one thing most people forget to do on any given day and the main reason for an endless array of skin concerns. It’s that little check box on our client forms that always leads to a full on confession on the treatment table. That’s right. Water intake.

The bottom line is this: People who get the recommended water intake usually have skin that is more supple, easier to extract, and lovelier to the touch. Water is the number one factor in keeping all of your organs (that work so hard for you) nice and hydrated. Lets consider it a reward for a job well done, if you will. And because your skin is the voice for your innards (drumroll please)… When your insides are happy, your skin is happy.

How much water should you drink? The bare minimum that you should be drinking is 64 ounces per day. That makes sure all your organs are hydrated and functioning properly and that all your blood and nutrients are getting where they need to go. Imagine getting to the bottom of a water slide with no water. No fun. The ideal amount? About 30 ounces for every 50 pounds of body weight. (If you are 150 pounds, you should be drinking approximately 90 ounces per day). If you are a lover of coffee, wine, or adult beverages, make sure you add in an additional 16 ounces of water for each cup you have as all three are known to dehydrate the body.

What if you are just not into water? I get it. Some folks love water. They can drink it by the barrel and will drink your servings if given the chance. Then there are others who need a little more persuasion. Here are some of my personal favorite tips and tricks on making sure i’m getting my daily intake.

Go ahead, treat yourself. Believe it or not, my biggest helper in drinking more water is my handy dandy Lifefactory bottle (I secretly have my eye on those adorable Bkr bottles as well). I have the 22 ounce bottle and mentally know that I am supposed to refill at least three to four times per day. Simple. I mean, who has time to remember how many 8 ounce glasses they’ve had? This is the perfect size for me because it doesn’t seem too overwhelming, but I am also not getting up to refill it every 10 minutes. My advice? Glass bottles encased in silicone are the handiest. Plastic is not only not Earth friendly, it’s also not body friendly, introducing traces of plastic into the system. Aluminum is great but is a bit difficult to handle with hot liquids. Glass bottles that have a silicone cover are great for both hot and cold temperatures and you have no additives sneaking their way into your being. Voila!

Add a little something. Flavored water is the way. I can’t tell you how many clients I have that reach for other options because they find water boring. The downside is that these other options often come with a hearty portion of sugar, not ideal. My favorite water boosters? Herbasway. Hands down. One dropper per bottle, not only am I getting a handful of antioxidants, but it also gives me a nice little hint of green tea flavor. Close runner up is Chlorophyll. Mint flavored of course. It’s a bit more on the bitter side but I like to know that I am detoxing my blood from time to time. Chlorophyllers beware: Caution when handling, this is one of the most potent stainers I have ever met. One hasty move and you will be stained a deep green for a short while. While it’s fun to play Hulk, I am sure getting bathed in green during the workday is not something you enjoy. As always, you can add all types of fruits to your water bottles. Cucumbers. Watermelon. Lemon. Go ahead and get creative!

Good old tea. That’s right. Tea. Make sure to pick up decaf options. The good news? There are hundreds of flavors to choose from! Create the perfect tea regimen for your mood. My favorite secret strategy is to pick one box of an all time favorite, and one of something completely new. Whether it’s something that has been recommended, or whether I just close my eyes, and reach for a random lucky box that gets to come home with me. Make it fun!

Get out there and have fun with it. Find those kooky little ways to get inspired to drink water.

Let us know what you come up with below!